WRCobbOnline launches New Mobile App

East Providence, RI - WRCobbOnline has launched a new mobile web application to complement its online presence. The new web application can be accessed across multiple mobile platforms such as iPad's and iPhone's.This innovative application now enables customers to access and experience the same features and functions as on the main website.

The New Mobile App gives customers' access to Loose Diamonds and all other product categories. Sorting through items and building your own engagement and wedding rings is accomplished in a few easy clicks. This mobile app empowers retailers to drive even more consumers to their online store.

Since 2003, WRCobbOnline has been regularly meeting the needs of Jewelry Retailers by the successful fusion of technological innovation and jewelry expertise.

  • The mobile web app will be included in all gold packages.
  • Silver and Configurator only websites can get the mobile web app by upgrading to the Gold package or can add the application to their program for an additional monthly fee of $30.